Group of people are going around in a van, targeting elderly people when walking their dogs out for walks, 2 dog where taken from south end and the dog where found 24 hours later dead, used as bait.

Please keep your eyes open when talking your dog out for a walk



March 2013

This is a photo of a very distinctive green van which was involved in an incident yesterday in Brackley where one of its occupants jumped out and tried to snatch a dog from a 14yr old girl whilst she was walking it. It was a couple of minutes past 5pm - daylight! The young girl screamed and refused to let go of the dog, the man returned to the van and it drove off. It has been seen on other occasions cruising slowly around the residential streets of Brackley and Northamptonshire Police are aware. I am posting to make everyone I know aware of this as they may well be 'operating' in other local areas too. Keep safe out there....



More and more animals are being stolen from back

gardens,unlocked cars and out side shops

your animal could be used as bait.

where your pet could be thrown into a pit, or even chained up,

The dogs bites, and tear to subdue the opposing animal by

incapacitating or Killing it.

Please make sure your pet is not used as bait to train fighting dogs


He was a lucky one

Make sure your garden is locked at all times.

Do not leave your dog out side shops

or even in an unlocked car.



The silver VW Golf V6 4 Motion which is suspected of being involved in several dog thefts in the Thames Valley area has been identified. The registration number is LM 02 HFR and it is not brand-new as previously reported, but was registered in 2002. If you see this vehicle please immediately contact DC 3882 Jackie Murdock on 07816 838547 or the police on 0845 8505505, quoting URN 507 of 20 Oct 11.

The dog thefts have taken place in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire - keep your eyes open for this vehicle especially if your dogs are left unattended in dog runs/gardens. The vehicle appears to have dog cages in so they come prepared.



substitute Xylitol
Just a warning the new sugar substitute Xylitol is posionous to dogs one teaspoon will kill a GSD, this advice has come from UK vets. It is also in some processed foods/candies and sweets so please be aware, it acts like giving a dog insulin and there is no antidote. So if you have 2 teaspoons in you tea/coffee and the dog drinks it you have a serious problem on your hands. Please share as widely as possible.