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 This is one of the worse abuse cases we have taken on, unbelievable how anyone can leave a dog like this, On Thursday the 9th of February we get a phone call if we could take a dog on that’s skinny and laying in the snow in a back garden, we were unsure if the dog was dead or alive, as it turned out the poor lad was still alive but only just. We had no idea that he was this skinny, we all were in total shock when we first saw the photo's of this poor lad 

Kane was rushed to the vets where he stayed in for a week, then was taken to kennels under the watchful eye of the vet, Kane stay for another 2 weeks in kennels,he did put a small amount of weight on then it stopped we think due to stress
  On the 23rd of February we picked Kane up
so skinny  his weight was only  31.8kg
This video was taken the day Kane came into our care
Kane today 2013 
 We have decided to take Kane off for re-homing, due to  trust, its taken us a very long time to get Kane to trust us and its not worth Kane going through this again as to what this poor lad has been through  its time for him to enjoy life again, he so longs for.




Tom was born here at 4- Paws Rottweiler Rescue with his 13 brothers and sisters, Tom did go off to his forever home when he was 8 weeks old, came back to us around about 9 months old his owner could no longer cope with him at home.

Tom’s mother was the rottie and we take it that the father was the German shepherd.

February 2012 we had some guys came out to have a look at Tom as we think Tom would make a great security dog, as he  loves to be on the go 24/7 and is a quick  learner

So Tom goes off for his training and a bonding weekend with the dog handler to get to know Tom more

5 weeks later I turn my computer on and logged on to facebook staring in my face was a photo of Tom looking for a new home.. The so called dog handler wanted to swop Tom for a Rottweiler we all went into over drive to get Tom back which we did, Tom had a big abscess on his neck they failed to treat dog bites on him.

Tom can be so loving  one minute  then into over drive by a click of a finger and snap, due to this we have taken Tom off our re-homing page, he will stay with us as Tom has been here for a very long time.