Fundraising for 2014

A big thank you to Emma Armitage for raising £114.54 and not forgetting Bella and Ivy

1st June 





16th of May to 30th of May Poppy's Auction

just some of the items

£200 with some donations £50 still out standing for payment which is a shame 






Craft fair Northampton

12th April 



Craft fair Bicester

29th March


29th March





I have a demonstration table once a month here with the children make a few things and sell items I make

8th March £15





I have a demonstration table once a month here with the children make a few things and sell items I make

15th February  £21



Craft fair Northampton 

25th Jan




I have a demonstration table once a month here with the children make a few things and sell items I make 

11th Jan £24



We all work very hard at 4 -Paws Rottweiler Rescue to raise money for our Rottweiler to give them the best care we can, in their time of need.                                                                                                                                                             We would all like to say a big THANK YOU to the people that have given us items for the car boots sales we do. BUT we still need more items to carry on raising money, so if you are having a spring clean bear us in mind!! 




Fundraising for 2013



Lucky 2 winners of the competition went to Jamie and Elanna McAvoy well done




Rasied £178  really was a great day out


ROTTIEFEST 1st August 2013

THANK YOU  to Susan and Ian for your help and not forgetting the children raised £280

Nemo the rescued dog came 2nd in best rescue dog well done, it really was a great day had so much fun

raffle winners are 1st went to Jenny from RWA who kindly donated this back to us

2nd winner was Kayleighy Owen

3rd Susan Kerr-mcavoy

4th  little boy called Jamie Kerr-mcavoy



Thank you to Up n Over dog training club for the kind £200 donation


Big thank you to pets at home for the pallet of food, Craig Robertson from valve pet supplies for the collars, Mathew from for the food and treats  



Bicester carboot 13 July £67



Duston mill car boot sale 30th March, weather was not on our side that day £47


23rd April Pets at home gave us a cheque for £1194 helped to pay some of Kazia's vet bill



Duston mill car boot sale 30th April £154.00




Fundraising for 2012


Fund weekend down Pets at Home on the 20/21 October raised £136.42p



 Carboot 1st September

raised £73.50

Paws in the park 19th August

raised £164.73p


Rottiefest 2012 

We raised £345.51p

Thank you


On Line auction on facebook raised £207 thank you to everyone

30th May

Fundraising on the 6th & 7th April at Pet at Home Bicester 

Pet at Home  did round to a £ and raised £ 382.73


Winner of the bear was a Mr Nixey, Mr Nixey asked to be redrawn again

( thank you Mr Nixey)

The second winner of the bear was a Mrs V Thomas

   Raffle for the Bear was £63.00

Thank you to everyone that's popped into Pets at Home 


Thank you to pets at home for the £1000 donation



Fundraising for 2011


 9th of December Xmas draw

Thank you to every one, raised  £71 huge thank you to the person that rounded this up to £100


1st was Chris Hall

2nd was Marie-Anne

3rd was David Ewer

4th David Hall

Carboot sale

over at Northampton 8th October we raised £97.37

 Carboot sale

over at Northampton 27th August we raised £63.72p

Carboot sale

in Bicester we raised £42

Carboot sale

over at Northampton 13th July we raised £54

Carboot sale

Sunday 26th June

We raised £34

We raised £153.00 Thank you to everyone

and to Keythorpe Rottie Rescue for a fab day



Name Draw 

Raised £49   

Congratulations to Ian Hart from Merseyside


Car boot sale

over at Northampton ( 23rd of April )


Car boot sale

 over at Northampton ( 2nd of April) we made £45

the weather was not on our side



 Fundraising for 2010


 December Draw

thanks to Kirsty and Claire for the items donated to us,

raised £153

Winners are

1st Annette waters - Lancashire

2nd Vicki Watts -  Scotland

3rd Dawn Clarker - Essex

well done 

Thank you to everyone 


to Tiena  for the  Collection in her shop  for Tom



once again to UP N OVER DOG TRAINING CLUB for the kind donation 


  to Pets at Home for the Donation 2010

Hughy with Solo and the manager of Pets at Home in  Bicester, Oxford

 and thank you for the food donations  from the  customers and Pets at Home in Bicester


Thank you

to the people that gave us donation at the carboot sale on Saturday the 15th May 2010 at Duston Mill in Northamton, we had a great time

Car boot sale  

 on sunday the 5th of September , was a bit of a rubbish day 730 in the morning, havens opened up on us a few times, made £37 

Car boot sale 

 on the 26th June at Duston Mill in Northamton raised  £79.37p

Car boot sale 

 on 29th May in Bicester raised £39.28p 

Car boot sale

on the 15th May at Duston Mill in Northamton raised £85  

Car boot sale

on 23rd April in Bicester raised £38 

 Easter Raffle March

Thank you to everyone we rasied £50

Congratulations to Jamie kerr-mcavoy  for winning the DOG and

 Congratulations to

Tina Williams for winning the CAT






Fundraising for 2009


 Name Raffle November

 Thank you to everyone we rasied £74

    Congratulations to Susan from Scotland winning the monkey and Sally from Nottingham for winning the dog               



November Auction

Rasied £69.00 pluse some donations 

Thank you



Chris, Kirsty and Hughy carboot sale at silly o'clock in the morning, on Saturday the 22nd of August made £30


 Bedfont lakes

What a wonderful day we all had at Bed font lakes, A few of our rescue dogs came along, that was fantastic , Petal  even one  1st place in  the best rescued dog  competition how fantastic was that.

Was lovely to see  Hudson re-named Fonz  not so little anymore and Jaz again and  also Gill and Fred.

Arnie is surly a big boy now  Arnie also popped up see the 4 -Paws team.

We made over £229. last year we did £160 this is FANTASTIC 

We would like to thank everyone that has donated items for the big fun day

and also money Donations




Carboot sale 

Sunday 21st June 

Rasied just over £60


Easter Raffle

Easter Raffle on the forum raised £31 

  * Sally won the easter raffle*

We would like to give a big thank you to Rhona and Ben from the  "Dirty Dogs" Dog Grooming Salon, in Twickenham, Middx.In January
They done a Charity Xmas Raffle and the proceeds were divided by the 4 members of staff who each chose where their share went to and Ben chose our 4 Paws Rottweiler Rescue. We received a sum of £137.25 for which we are very grateful for.
Thank you Rhona and thank you Ben



Fundraising for 2008

  Bedfont lakes

4-Paws Rottweiler Rescue where at Bedfont lakes on the 20th  July 2008


to raise money for our Rottweiler’s that we have in our care,

we all had a great day,

4-Paws would like to say a big thank you to the public for stopping by and chatting

 to us and the

kind donation’s we where given. We will be there again next year, and can’t wait

to see you all again.

 THANKS AGAIN see you all soon




Car - Booty


Sunday the 13th July at 8am in the morning

Boy was a chilly morning, Nice to see the sun




Saturday the 5th of July at 645 in the morning 

then the heavens opened up 

We all got very wet that morning

you can see how stormy it was