Poppy was born here and Caroline Sugrue adopted poppy at 8 weeks old,Caroline Sugrue had listed poppy lost on the 5th December on Dog lost.co.uk, saying she was in hospital and her mother had re-homed her (hospital part is true, mother re-homing untrue) we didn't know about this until we had an email, 4 paws went into over drive to find poppy

Around about the 15th December Caroline Sugrue posted that Poppy was back home with her unture. A few days later Caroline Sugrue posted that poppy was dead by internal injures? Unture

With a lot of back tracking on Caroline Sugrue paper work with emails phone number and surfing the net, we found poppy, she had been at her mother’s all the time, so we dashed over on the 18th December and picked poppy up. Alive and well.

so don't believe what Caroline Sugrue also known as Caroline Hickling Poppy Hickling, Happy hounds,Happy hounds Animal Sitters

Poppy has now settled with Mel and her family and her sister Coco and doing well..

Tom has been a hard case to find the right person for Tom,he was born here with his 13 brothers and sister and had been hand fed, went off to his new home at 8 weeks old, came back when he was just 6 months old, owner can't cope with him.He's willing to learn anything, so we did think he would make a great security dog with the right handler, we had a company that came and spent the day with Tom, yes he does have an attitude problem, they never came back for him

so he went off with another security dog handler jack Lincon worst mistake we did, few months later Jack had put Tom on facebook looking for a family home??stupid idiot when he new what he was like

so we intervened and got Tom back so now Tom is staying with us, as we know what Tom is like, he can be such a loving dog when he wants to be

Kane the really skinny dog we took in Feb 2012 he's staying with us,he loves his new mum to much and we really don't think he would settle anywhere else, waits at the stair gate for her to come home from work, he has put his trust in her which has taken a very long time, but we never gave up on Kane, Kane's an older dog and has started to have problems with one of his back legs, so Kane will live his live out here with no worries when he's next being fed, if you go onto abuse cases your see photo's of Kane when he came in to us ...