Noddles was a hand rearing puppy by us, at 8 weeks old found a wonderful home, he later had some behavior problems,we popped around to give the owner some advice,Then we later found out that the owner had passed Noddles on to a friend

we got Noodles back on 6th October, he was in a bit of a mess, soon sorted him out, he went on a home visit for two week to see how he gets on the family, the new family loved him to bits and has settled down really well, he still has some behavior problems, which they are working with him



  Update Jan 2013

Noddles renamed Chester, has settled in really well



Neo the dog that was abandoned in Holland

4 Paws Rottweiler Rescue got a email on the 8th of  August saying that one of our rescue dog was abandon in Holland.  The owner then Kelly MacInnis was back over in the UK!? The wonderful family that took Neo in said that he was very much under weight. We set to work in fundraising to get Neo back. On the 8th September Neo came back over to England thanks to the family that drove all the way down and over to England to bring Neo back into our care, we really do thank them for their help with Neo.

We would like to thank everyone that had donated for Neo's return

Neo was put into foster care with Kirsty and Chris and not forgetting Juma the rottie

Kirsty and Chris have fallen in love with Neo and have decided to keep him 5th October


Neo re-named Nemo




Riley re-named Duke came back in our care 30th April Due to foreclosure on the pub

Duke went off to his new home on the 24th September



  Whitney's Pup Speedy

Speedy went off to her new home





Speedy re-named  Ellie


Whitney's Pup CoCo  Whitney's Pup CoCo.Born on the 10th of June

CoCo  went off to her new home on the 10th July



  Hiedi with CoCo 





Whitney's Pup Tubs. Born on the 10th of June

Tubs went off to her new home with Bobby on 3rd of July




  Tubes re-named Domino has settled in well



 Whitney's Pup Bobby.Born on the 10th of June

Bobby went off to her new home with Tubs on 3rd of July



Bobby re-named Daisy settled in well





  Whitney's Pup Hyper.Born on the 10th of June

 Hyper went off to his new home on the 31st July





  Whitney's Pup OD.Born on the 10th of June

 Od went off to his new home  on the 31th July



       Od has been re-named Bruce



  Whitney's Pup Dionne.Born on the 10th of June

Dionne  went off to her new home on the 31th July



  Dionne re-named Poppy in her new home


2013 update

Poppy came back in our care in 2014 after the owner said she had got out and a few days later said she was died, in fact was untrue, we picked poppy up from the owners mother.

new rehomed 



  Whitney's Pup Cracker.Born on the 10th of June



Ivy was the first puppy to go off to her new home on the 28th July 


 Cracker re-named Ivy in her new home with Emma


Bella and Ivy



Phoebe came into our care on the 23rd of June, Phoebe was only 12 week old, she was later re-homed a day later



Phoebe  re-named Ellie  has settled in well in her new home 



2013 update



Ruby came into our care on Sunday the 8th of January, she was very much under weight. Ruby was passing stones and gravel for  weeks, anything she could find to eat to keep her self alive and stop feeling hungry.Ruby what seems to be used as a punching bag, shyed away from you.

she was put into  foster care with Steve & Viv who done a great job feeding her up.

Ruby was re-homed on the 16th Apirl

Thank you Steve and Viv




May update


 Ruby and her new mum and dad popped up to see Steve. Ruby, Buddy and another dog called Roxy, had a great time.

Ruby at Rottiefest July 2012




Juma is a 6 year old female, she came into our care on the 13th April after being picked up as a stray, NO one claimed her, she did her time in kennels and was due to be put to sleep

Juma was re-homed to Helen and Hugh's daughter Kirsty, Kirsty and Chris have moved into their own home and worked so hard to get Juma's Home ready for her.

Juma went off to her new home on 5th of April 2012




Juma has settled in very well 





Gizmo was only a few days old when he came into rescue  with his mum and brother, his little sister die at the vets,before she came to us as the owner could not cope due to her being disabled, the owner was told the dog was speyed at the time, how wrong was this, so we stepped in to help the owner and the mum out for a few weeks. But sadly Gizmo's brother passed away on the 23rd of Febuary with Hughy and our own dog around Gizmo's borther ( RIP little man)

Gizmo was growing up to be a healthy puppy  the owner was so pleased that one made it. Gizmo's mum went back to the owner, she missed so much. and Gizmo stayed with us to find him a forever home on the 6th of April Jo and her children came and picked Gizmo up to take him to his forever home






 Gizmo has been re-named Noodles

Noodles with his new friend Beau

May - update . Noodles is doing so well

Gizmo  came back in our care

new re-homed 



4-Paws Rottweiler Rescue assisted in

the re-homing of Poppy in the time of need