Razor was removed from situation by Theme valley police on the 19th

 November 2008 and came to 4 – Paws Rottweiler Rescue on that evening, Razor was in foster to care for a few weeks to clear up a few bites, Razor had on his bottom, On the 9th of

January 2009 Carl came to see Razor, and Razor loved Carl to bits, Razor chose to spend the rest of his life with Carl, it was like these two were made for each other, it was lovely to see Razor so happy being with Carl

Friendship forever was made

4-Paws Rottweiler Rescue  wish Razor all the best   in his new home

Update January 2009 

Razor is getting on great and has settle in well now, Razor has been re-named Frazor, his stress levels have gone down,Carl has been working on Fazor and leaving him a little at a time, and doing so well,Farzor loves his walks, Carl would not be with out his best friend Frazor

Update 2010




Wrex was a lovely boy was found as a stray in Tamworth picked up by the dog warden; his time came to an end, and then was moved to a dog pound in Birmingham and was due to be put to sleep, so 4-Paws Rottweiler Rescue stepped in to save this little chap that was under weight. He came to us on 11th

 January 2009

This little chap had so much love to give, he was putting weight on nicely , then a wonderful lady came to see Wrex and fell in love with him, Shirley and Wrex and Shirley’s friend made the long journey home to Lancashire on the 25th

 January 2009

4-Paws Rottweiler Rescue  wish Wrex all the best in his new home

Update Febuary  2009


Wrex has settled in very well in his new home

Shirley has re-named Wrex *Sunny*

Wrex re-named Sunny had passed away on 23rdNovember 2013

he's on Rainbow bridge 






Bruno came in as a 19 month old male, and very much under weight on the 18/01/09, Bruno is a lovely lad that love's his cuddles

Susan and her family came to see Bruno on the 21/02/09 and took him home,

Update March 2009

Bruno had settled in very well in his new home,




Rocky came to us on the 24th February 2009 due to a family brake up and the owner could no longer look after him,

Rocky didn't stay with us that long and found a new home with Paula and family in Nottingham 

Rocky went to his new home on Sunday the 7th March 2009

Thank you Hughy for taking Rocky to his new home in Nottingham  

Update March 2009 

Rocky has settled in his new home with out any problems, Rocky has been re-named Trent,Paula has also another rescue dog called lily form another rescue

Update September 2009







Buster came into our care on 15/01/09 After his owner could no longer look after him, Tasha who fostered Buster worked very hard on him as he had no socialization,Tasha took him to Staffs to his new home with Lee and Milli on the 14/03/09

 Tasha will miss Buster very much 

Update April 2009

Buster has settled in his new forever home with Lee

Buster was put to sleep on  9th October 2009 more info and photo's of Buster on the RAINBOW BRIDGE page



Duke came to 4-Paws Rottweiler rescue care on the 19th March after his owner


 came up with an allergy to Duke, it was a very sad day for the owner to have to hand over Duke into our Care. Duke has now found a new home with Bill and Brigitte 4thApril


Update May 2009

Duke has settle so well in his new home

Update 2010

Duke Came back into our care at the end of 2010 after the sudden death of his owner, later re-homed in Jan 2011 with cara and family


Had some sad news that Duke has got spinal injury which he keeps slippin the disc,and trapping the nerves Cara is doing everything she can with the vets at the moment also Cara's husband has been diagnosed with throat cancer just ungone major operation

4 paws team wish them well





We were asked to help find a forever home for Belle, as the owner could no longer keep her, Noreen fostered her for a few weeks  on our behalf 


A member of 4-Paws Rottweiler Rescue forum went to visit her today 11th April 2009 Belle has now found her forever home with Derek

Update Apirl 2009


Belle has settle in so well in her new forever home


Puppy1: Boog :Born the 3rd of March


Boog  found her wonerful home with Caroline and family

22nd April 2009

 Harry: Caroline's Gorgeous son with Boog






Puppy 2:Diva: Born the 3rd of March

Diva  found a wonderful home with  Claire and family, one of our members from 4-Paws Rottweiler Rescue's  fourm

22nd April 2009

Claire with Diva  

2010 Update





puppy 3: Tom: Born the 3rd of March

Tom has found a wonderful home with Dawn, Helen and Hughy will be seeing Tom from time to time, as Tom is not far from them.

23nd April 2009


Special thanks from Helen to the two boys for the choc’s and flowers and the wonderful thank you card


2010 Update

Tom came back into our care in Feb and still in our care


puppy 4: Bruno: Born the 3rd of March

Bruno has found a wonderful home with Michelle, Mark and their two daughters. Helen and Hughy will be seeing Bruno from time to time, as Bruno is not far from them.

23nd April 2009

Michelle, Mark two daughters with Bruno


puppy 5: Basco: Born the 3rd of March

Basco has found a lovely home with Manuela and family


23nd April 2009



Basco is getting bigger by the day settle very well in his new home


Puppy 6:  Tarka  : Born the 3rd of March

This little girl found a lovely home with Samantha, Samantha will let us know her name

24nd April 2009


Samantha with her new puppy




puppy 7: Tyler  : Born the 3rd of March

Tyler has gone home with a lovely lady Sharon

Helen will surly miss this little chap

24nd April 2009

Sharon with Tyler 

2010 Up-date


Puppy 8: Teigan  : Born the 3rd of March

Teigan found a wonderful home with Carrie and Jonathan

25nd April 2009

Jonathan with Teigan

Up-date 2010


puppy 9: Ellie  : Born the 3rd of March

Ellie has got a wonder home with Denise

who runs Valley Cat Rescue in Ebbw Vale


25nd April 2009

Denise with Ellie

Up-date 2010

Update 2011 

Denise rescue another rott in Feb, playmate for Ellie, his name is Dannie





keziah ( Kez )

Kez came to us on the 24th Apirl 2009, age 8 years old,she didn't stay with us long. Kez  was  re-homed , there was unforeseen circumstances in her new home, Kez was taken out on the 3rd of May

Kez was put into foster care, she is living on a farm in Berkshire

Thank you to Tom and Alice

Injoy the rest of your life Kez

October Update 

Tom and Alice have fallen in love with Kez and now are keeping Kez, she will spend the rest of her days on a farm

Had a phone call from Tom and Alice today 19/10/09 that Kez passed away peacefully due to  Cancer



Georgia’s owner came to 4-Paws Rottweiler rescue to help find a forever home for Georgia. Claire Georgia’s owner found a wonderful home with a lady that takes in the older dogs, Georgia has a lovely home out in the country side, Georgia has settled in well re-homed May



puppy 10: Lily  : Born the 3rd of March

Lily came back to 4-Paws for owners personal reasons, Lily was re-homed with  Trevor and Liz 31st May

Good luck Lily in your new home Helen and Hughy will miss you loads

November update


Lily's the bottom one in the photo





Titan's  owner came to 4-Paws Rottweiler rescue to help find Titan a forever home,Titan is a very much loved dog by his owner Donna,on the 31st May Donna found Titan a wonderful home with a family and also with another rescue Rottie.We wish Titan all the best in his new home *the lucky boy*




Bella is a very special little girl, Bella came to 4 -Paws on the 12 of Feb 2009, very under weight due to illness and she was due to have her puppies, this was believe to be Bella's second litter, Bella had her litter on puppies on the 3rd of March sadly 3 puppies did not make it, all puppies have been rehomed and in wonderful homes.

3rd of July Laurel came to see Bella and fell in love with her, on the 4th July Hughy and Helen took Bella to her new forever home with Laurel, Hughy and Helen will be working with Laurel and Bella  as Bella still has a few problems on the lead.

            Update September 2009

Bella has settled in very well with Laurel , Laural  has put a lot of time and lots of training with     Bella, and has come on a very long way with Bella 

Laural has done a great job with Bella   





Charlie came into 4-Paws on the 25th June after he was picked up as a stray. Charlie had his time in kennels and NO one came to claim him, the mind boggles why as he is such a lovely natured, well trained dog but unfortunately his previous owners did not get him micro chipped. We soon did this so this will never happen to him again.

Charlie was re-homed to a wonderful family on the 5th July, Tasha and family will miss Charlie as he was a delight to foster but will see him from time to time as Charlie lives not far from Tasha .


Update August 2009

 Charlie has been renamed Alfie by Dave and Lyn and has a new Rottie playmate called Rosie. 

Update 2010


Nero ( Nobbie )

Nero came back to us on the 20th June, due to problems in the family home, Nero did come back very under weight,Thank you! too John and a big thank you to Di for helping us out. Nero has found a wonderful home with Kelly and Chris, who picked Nero up from Di's all the way from West Sussex today 9th August

Di will miss Nero loads

Update September  2009

Nero re-named Neo has settled in very well in his new family home

Nero was the dog that was dumped over in Holland by this owner, Nero is now back in the UK and there is info on our forever home 2012 page


Pandora - Panda 

Panda came to use on the 12th of July, due to another dog in the family home, just didn't get one with Panda after Panda was rescued, unfair on Panda to be picked on, she came into us with her neck stitched up after the last dog fight, which has healed up nicely.

Jane and her husband came to see Panda and fell in love with her, Panda was re-homed on the 19th September

Helen and Hughy will see Panda from time to time as Panda is only a stone throw away

December Update

Panda popped in to see us, she is coming on so well, took a few weeks for her to settle

Up-date 2010

The beginning of the year Ceri was diagnosed with kidney failure, 4-Paws, Tony and Jane were devastated at the news.

But with a special diet and lots of love and attention Ceri is making good progress and putting on weight, there is NO life span given to her survival; and each day is a bonus for Ceri.

Ceri went to a fete that had a dog show and Ceri came first in * Best Rescue dog or Bitch

Ceri had been to training school and passed her             

  *Kennel Club Good Citizens award*

But is February 2011, Ceri had taken a turn for the worst, Ceri was not eatting

she was giving up on life on the 23rd of March 2011, Ceri went to sleep for the last time in Janes arms

Ceri will be sadly missed by everyone that knew her.

RIP little one



Paris ( Roxey)


Roxey came into our care on the 12/07/09 after she was picked up as a stray,Roxey was fostered by Tasha and her family and re-named her Paris, Paris was re-homed on the 19/08/09 but unforunately, this didn't work out, due to the other family dog didn't get on with Paris.Paris came back, on the 12/09/09 Stephaie came to see Paris and fell in love with her, Stephaie took her home

 Tasha and her family will miss Paris






Bob was still living with his owner at the time of re-homing,Stephane and his family went to see Bob and fell in love with him, after the home check was carried out, Stephane and his family went back to pick Bob up. Thank you Stephane. Bob will be sadly miss by his owner



Solo came to us in a bad way in February, she was left tied up on a rubbish dump, we took her to our vet which only gave her a week to live due to the condition Solo was in, after a few month Solo health improved, weight back on, all her sore healed up, she was later re-homed, But only stayed 24 hours, she had snapped at the new owners, Hughy went and picked her up, from that day 4-paws Rottweiler rescue adopted her



Solo was a wonderful dog, Solo got very sick, her health took a dive 4 paws tried every thing to try and pull Solo back up again,

Solo just gave up and was put to sleep in November 2010

She truly is being missed and she will always be in our hearts, more photo's of Solo are on over the rainbow page on the slide show

No more pain RIP