These are the dogs that have come through 4- Paws Rottweiler Rescue doors in 2008

It has been a pleasure to have known each of them  We are so proud to say, that we have re-homed so many in the short time we have been going we had our ups and downs with the ones that we lost through death

We could not have done this without your help with support and donations


Ziva came to us on the 24th February 2008: She didn’t stay that long with us Ziva was re-homed on the 24th February 2008


 March 2008-Update

Ziva found a wonderful home with Kerrie and her family and has settle in well as a new member of the family Kerrie re-named her CoCo




Balou came to us in February  the 20th 2008 after his owners could no longer look after him due to a new family member, Balou was re-homed a few weeks later


 May 2008-Update


Balou has settle in very well, Balou had a few problems with chewing, should now have been sorted out.




Sasha came to us on the 8th June 2008 due to her owner was moving out of his family home and he could not take Sasha with him Sasha has now found her forever home with Lisa and Barry Sasha was re-homed on the 16th June 2008




 June 2008 -Update


 Sasha has settle in well in her new home



We advertised Randle on our site for another rescue to help find him a new forever home

Glad to say that Randle has now found a forever home

And settled in very well



  Bryan came to us on the 22nd of June 2008 with Kennel cough. He did very well on the medication and he was then fostered by Diane and Martin who sadly had lost their own rottie Storm only a few weeks before. Diane and Martin worked hard on Bryan to get his health back. On the 4th July he had the all clear from the vets. Diane and Martin plus all of their family  fell in love with Bryan and decided to keep him and re-named him Bryn.

Just want to say thank you very much to all the family in helping  Bryn back to health


August 2008-Update

Bryn has settle in very well in his new home with Diane and Martin



Bryn came back to us end of 2008 due to Martin and Diane wanted to adopt a child ( family member )and social services wouldn't let Martin and Diane adopt  until Bryn was taken out of the  family home, Bryan was later re-home to a wonder family in Oxford and has settled in very well







Jasmine came to us due to unforeseen circumstances on the 22nd of June 2008. Jasmine had a bit of a poor start to her short life. Jasmine was fostered by Tasha and her family. Jasmine has been re-homed to a lovely lady called Gill who had only just lost her own rottie a few weeks before she gave Jasmine her new forever home.Gill and her husband Fred traveled to Worcester to see Jasmine and fell in love with her.

Jasmine was re-homed on the 6th July 2008 to Gill and Fred in Lancashire.


     July -Update


Gill and Fred have re-named her Jazz, Jazz has settle in so well in her new home.Gill and Fred are so pleased with Jazz the way she has come on in only just 2 weeks in having her.



Brodie has come back to us a few times: this little girl has had a crap start to her short life,Brodie came back to us again on the 12th July 2008 due to her owner could no longer handle her,this poor little girl got hit by a car a few months back, it was a hit and run driver, after she bolted out the owner's front door.

She was taken to the vet and under went operation to repair her smashed back leg

(Now has a metal plate in)

Craig and Jo and 2 of their lovely son’s, came to see Brodie

on the 22nd July 2008

The boy’s got on so well with

Brodie, one the 23rd Craig phoned us again and would like to give Brodie a home

I can’t tell you how please I was to hear this, so Brodie went to her new family on the 23rd July 2008

I will see Brodie from time to time as Craig and his family are not far away

we wish them all the luck, she is a wonderful dog



July  Update 2008

Brodie and Billy, Brodie has


Settled in well


2009 up-date

Sad news that Brodie came back to us yet again, as Craig family got posted abroad they felt that this was unfair on Brodie, Craig family will miss Brodie very much. Great news is that she went back home with her mum, dad and one of her sister's, She settled in very well, was like she has never been away from them




Blade was a very special little boy he came in our care on the 21st July 2008

 A member of Blade owner’s family

 Came and re-homed Blade on the 26th July 2008

Blade will see his old owner from time to time

Julie and family we wish you all the best

and thank you for re-homing Balde





Ben came to us on the 6th June 2008, this wonderful big teddy bear of  a dog, stayed with us for a few weeks, Mike and Angie came to see him.

On the 29th July 2008 we took Benny Boy to his new home. 


We at 4-Paws Rottweiler Rescue would like to wish Benny Boy all the best, we will all miss him. 


Thank you to Mike and Angie in given Ben a wonderful home


   September 2008 -Update

Ben has settle well in his new home, Ben still nick's the sock's from time to time, Ben has made him self known in his street now







 Max came to us on the 27th July 2008, After his owner could not longer care for him. On the 16th August 2008 Tracy and her Husband came to meet Max. And fell in love with Max. Max has now got a new home in East Sussex with Tracy and her family


The gang will miss Max dearly he was a lovely dog



 October 2008 -Update

Max has settled in well with Tracy and family, waiting on some pic's of Max

March -Update


Max has very much settled in his new home with Tracy and family





Arnie came to us after being picked up as a stray. No one claimed Arnie after his 8 days in kennels 4 - Paws Rottweiler Rescue were asked to take Arnie on to find him a forever home.  All of us at 4- Paws Rottweiler Rescue were very proud to have been chosen to help Arnie out. Amanda and her family came to see Arnie and  now Arnie has now gone on his way to his new home in Middlesex. Arnie was re-homed on the 20th August 2008





 September 2008 -Update

Arnie has settle right in his new  home, gets on well with Kinky and Teddy the chihuahuas and not forgetting t-shirt the cat

January 2010 Update





Lizzie came to 4-Paws Rottweiler Rescue on the 1st July 2008 after dog warden picked her up off the street for being a stray, she was never claimed by her owner. Her time in the kennels was up and Lizzie was due to be put to sleep, So 4-Paws Rottweiler Rescue stepped in and saved her to give this young girl a chance to find a forever home, Lizzie is a Rottweiler cross.Wendy and her family came to see Lizzie and Lizzie got on so well with their other dog, Ralf the Rottweiler cross. On the 24th August 2008

 Lizzie was re-homed with Wendy and family in Oxford and not forgetting Ralf the big softie

All the best Lizzie be a good girl

from the 4 - Paws gang



December -Update 


Lizzie has settle in very well in her new home




Chaos had been picked up by the dog warden on 10th of August 2008, and his time in kennels was up as he was never claimed by his owner, Helen had been to the kennels a few times to see Chaos, then on the 18th of August he came into 4-Paws Rottweiler Rescue care. Eamon came to see Chaos and they got on great. Chaos re-named Ceaser,  has now gone off to his new home in Oxford with Eamon, we will see Ceaser from time to time, Chaos was re-homed on the 25th of August 2008



December -Update 

Chaos has settled in very well in his new home

he loves going out for his walks and loves playing with other dogs,

loves his cuddles, hes getting on so well




Shankley came to us on 23rd August

It was a very sad day for Shankley’s  previous owner to give him up.

He was then taken into foster care and looked after very well by Vickie

Thank you very much Vickie for your help

As promised to Shankeys’s previous owner we at 4-Paws Rottweiler rescue found a wonderful new forever home for Shankey, After passing their homecheck with flying colours. On the 31stAugust Dave, Pascal  and Jade their rottie fell in love with Shankley and took him



September  Update 2008


Shankley has settled in very well with Dave and Pascal and not forgetting little Jade the rottie, Shankley has now been re-named Sparky




After his previous owner rescued him to stop him being put to sleep they had to rehome him again due to their own dog not getting on with Whiskey

Whiskey was taken into our care on the 23rd of August 2008 and fostered with Lucy.

Thank you very much for caring for him Lucy

 On the 31st August 2008 Darren and Janice took Whiskey to his new home with Judi, Steve and their 3 other dogs in Hampshire

Thank you Darren and Janice



December  Update 2008

Whisky has settle in very well in his new home with Judi and Steve,

Whisky had a few problems, Judi soon sorted the problems out that Whisky had

January 2010 Update



Teal was picked up as a stray, his owners couldn’t be bothered to pick Teal up from kennels. Teal’s time in kennels was up and he would have been put to sleep, 4 – Paws Rottweiler rescue stepped in to save this little chaps life. Teal came to use on the 4th September The gorgeous Teal didn’t stay that long with us.And was re-homed on the 11th September 2008

Teal has a new home in Salisbury with Grant and family.





December  Update 2008

Teal has settled well with Grant and his family, Teal goes to work with Grant every day, Teal is getting on great and Grant is very happy with Teal





 Zeus came to us on the 29thAugust

2008after his owner left him in Boarding Kennels and never came back for him, when Zeus came to us, he was very much underweight, with care and love, Zeus began to put the weight back on.

Then on the 28th September


 Sue came


  with her family and fell in love with Zeus,


 Zeus went to live with Sue and family on the 1st


  November 2008 in Milton Keynes



October Update 2008


Zeus has settled in very well in his new home and doing so well. Zeus Now does Agility and doing well




2009 update

Zeus is now a pat dog .....P.A.T  means  Pets As Therapy

2010 update

Zeus now is a blood donor


Zeus came into our care in 2008 after owner left him in Boarding Kennels and never came back for him in Ireland. Zeus later found a forever home and became a pat dog and a blood donor. Zeus passed away on Tuesday night 28th Feb 2012 from heart failure, Zeus will be very much missed by Sue and her family





Waldron and his brother Auracame

 to us on the 10th October

2008 from another rescue. 

They were only 7/8 weeks old,

 Waldron has now gone to his

new home with Kerrie who also

 had CoCo from us way back

 in February 2008


October Update 2008


Waldron is settled in well with Kerrie and her family and also CoCo and not forgetting Dora and Rayne Kerrie, Kerrie has re-named Waldron (Wally)

  Rayne and Wally



It didn't work out at Dave's and Pacal, due to Kane not getting on with the other dogs Kane came into our care on the 5th of September 2008, and re-homed to a very nice lady called Tracy on the 15th November 2008








November Update 2008

Kane is getting on great withTracy




 Codie came to us on the 19th September 2008 after his owner sadly had to give Codie up due to unforeseen circumstances, Codie was taken on by a couple, the couple knew what problems Codie had and yet they still decided to take him on. The team always get the same saying " we can handle it " and yet Codie came back to us within a few days.Codie was re-homed again to a great couple Mark and Kate in the Cotswolds on their farm. Where he is getting the training he needed.


October Update 2008

Codie has settle in well

4-Paws Rottweiler Rescue received a phone call on the 20/08/10

that Cody was put to sleep today, Cody had an illness that the owner and

 the vet decided it would be kinder to put Cody to sleep





Mark in Amersham, who fostered Hooper

has decided to keep him.

November 2008




 Aura came to us aged about 7/8 weeks in October with his brother Waldron, after the "breeder" did not want them and was going to have them put to sleep.Tara came to view Aura in October 2008 and fell in love with him. Tara took the little lad home with her.

 Helen and Hughy who fostered Aura are going to miss him.



November Update 2008


Aura re-named Bungle

has settle well in his new home




Sultan came in on the 31st of October 2008, after his owner’s circumstances, had changed, Sultan was re-homed to David and his family in Surrey on the 9thof November 2008



December -Update 

Sultan has settle very well in his new home


  Reggie came to us on 7thNovember 2008

After a family break up, Very sad day for the family to hand over Reggie. Reggie was a very well loved dog.

Reggie was re-homed on 16thof November 2008 after a very long day traveling up to Scotland with Susan


Reggie will be missed by 4-Paws Rottweiler Rescue


December -Update 

Reggie has settle in very well with his new mum Susan and family and not forgetting Zara

Reggie has now been re-named Rocky







Arnie came to us on the 20thNovember 2008 through a heart braking decisions with his owner to have Arnie re-home, as promised to Paul the owner we have found Arnie a wonderful home with Pamela and family in Northampton 

Arnie was re-homed on the 26th November 2008  

Up-date May 2009



Arnie has settled in well

Arnie re-named Duke




Foster came into our care on the 14th of December 2008, due to his family missing him so much they came and picked Foster up on Sunday the 21st of December 2008

We are in close contacted with the family and are helping the owner out

very happy ending for foster  



Petal came into our care on the 26 November 2008 after her owner passed away, sad loss for some one so young R.I.P Petal was re-homed to a wonderful family, Petal was re-homed on the 20thDecember 2008, I’m sure Petal will be watched over by her owner and would be pleased we have found a wonderful home for her




January 2009 update


Petal has settle in very well in her new home

her new family are so pleased with Petal and would not be with out her




Hudson came to us on 15th December 2008, this little lad was so cute,the owner could no longer keep him,On Sunday the 28th December Hudson went to his new home with Gill and Fred and not forgetting Jazz another rescue dog,

 Chiaana will miss you Hudson and so will Helen and Hughy


January 2009 up-date


Hudson has settled in well with Gill, Fred and not forgetting Jazz another rescue dog by 4 - Paws

Hudson is re-Names Fonz