So you want to adopt a rottweiler

There is a donation fee of £150  to adopt a dog from us. This helps us cover the costs of microchipping, vaccination ,neutering /speying worming and flea treatments and any medical expenses while in our care.

Owning a rottie is a big responsibility.Please be sure that you can meet their needs and provide for them.We recommend insuring your pet to help cover the cost of any future unexpected medical costs.

Please note, we do not re-home to familys with children under the age of 5 years old

What do you do now

If there is a dog on our web site you are intrested in,please  give us a call, we can give you more infomation about the dog you are interested in.You will be required to fill out one of our adoption forms and we will invite you and your family along with any dogs that are in your family to come and meet the rottie you have chosen.

If both yourself and us are happy and even more important the rottie is happy with you we can arrange to take your adoption process to the final stage 


What happens next

We will arrange a home visit/homecheck,to make sure this is suitable for the dog and to have another chat, the home visit/homecheck could be done by us or another rescue in your area on our behalf.

Bring the dog home

Once the home vist/homecheck has been carried out, you will get a phone call to arrange a day to come and pick your new family member up, please note a dog can take a few weeks to settle in and may have a few accidents around the home so please be prepared for this, you will get a welcome pack  with all the information and contact  phone numbers in. 

Back up

You will have 24/7 back up for the rest of the dogs life, if the dog  develops any unwanted behaviour in the future please do give us a call, A few simple changes could make a big difference. If for any reason your cicumstances change and the dog needs to come back into our care it is your responsibility to return the dog to 4 Paws Rottweiler Rescue

 Please give us a call  Hughy - 07950232017 or Helen - 07951231876

Happy endings

We take great care to ensure that the dog is perfectly matched to you, By adopting a dog from us you're helping abandoned, abused or neglected dog become apart of a rehoming success story