Poppy 2014


Poppy came back into our care after we had a phone call from the RSPCA saying that one dog had been taken out of the house due to being emaciated and covered in fleas, (this happened only a few months after Poppy was rehomed to the family) Poppy was then taken to the vets on the 7th Feb where she stayed for week, due to being emaciated and very anemic due to the many flea's she had

Soon as we found out, we went into over drive to make sure Poppy was safe. We went in to see her and she was just skin and bone,we were in shock, how this can happen, the family made out she was sick for a few days as you can see this is not in a few days.

In the vets so sad 

We pick Poppy up a week later on the 14 Feb very much under weight at 6.2kg A very long road ahead this little girls got. But she was made welcome by her mother which we still have in our care and nutty Kaiza she spent a few days in the cage, so Kaiza wouldn't hurt her

When we picked her up

short walk

Poppy was getting stronger by the day, putting weight on is very slow going


was Like mother and daughter were never away from each other, Poppy was 7.1kg its going on but very slow going with her



A big thank you to all the staff at 

  Chipping Norton Veterinary Hospital



Kane 2012

On Thursday the 9thof February  we got a call, could we take on a skinny dog that's been lying in the snow and very poorly through starvation and on deaths door,Kelly the dog warden picked him up and took him to the vets, were he stayed in for a few days on a drip, not knowing if he would make it or not.Kane was going hour to hour. Then he was moved to a really nice kennels where they could keep an eye on him before coming to us to continue to work with him.Kane was one of the poor dogs that found himself advertised on gumtree

Kane came to us on the 23rd of February very skinny, sore's all over him, his weight was only 31.8KG, he is one of the worse cases we had taken on, he was a challenge, and not once did we give up on Kane or him on us. Kane was being fed good food in small amounts every 4 hours and the weight soon started to build .And now we have to see through Kanes court case for abuse .





Kane court case was on the 16th of November at 10 am  4 Paws Rottweiler Rescue were there

Luke Simpson pleaded guilty to keeping a Rottweiler type dog called Kane..The dates and keeping it not providing adequate dietary requirements that’s, what the council solicitor/rep stated judge then made a phone call and replied he would be bailed until December the 7th where he will be sentenced subject to community report ........

4 Paws Rottie Rescue  were in court on 7th of December for the sentencing of Luke Simpson

27 years old

 Mr Luke Simpson

Got  a 10 year ban, 12 months community order and 160 hours unpaid work service

( this was reduced from a higher level as he pleaded guilty) along with his fine of £250


Thank you to everyone that supported Kane


 Kane today




Named her Ruby 2012

Ruby was removed from the owners property due to violence against her and  neglect, very under weight, Ruby was passing stones and gravel for weeks as this is what she seemed to have been eating  to keep her self alive. Ruby went to Steve and Viv's to recover and is

now happy in a home of her own .



Clarence 2011

Carence came into our care on 23rd March, very much under weight at only 88lb, he was covered in sores,marks on his nose, which looks very much like cable ties,to keep his mouth shut for some reason. Clarence melted the heart of a member of the 4 paws team who adopted him  into their family


Clarence re-named Buddy NOW 





Solo 2009

On the 25th February 2009 4-Paws Rottweiler rescue were contacted by another pound about a female rottweiler, she was left tied up on wasteland, starving and in terrible condition, she was left to die. She was found by teenage boys, who then told their mother, who reported this to a very well known animal rescue charity (THEY DID NOTHING TO HELP THIS DOG OUT) the female rottweiler was  then picked up by the local dog warden, who took her to the dog pound, she then stayed there for her 7 days and was due to be put to sleep if no one claimed her

Sophie volunteered to meet Hughy halfway on the 28thof February 2009, Solo was now safe in our care .

Solo was very much under weight,no body fat, sores all over body, fur loss, covered in fleas and lice, she could just about stand never mind about walking.

she was then taken to the vets the very next day, who wanted to put Solo to sleep then and there! we said NO 


Solo slowly began to  put much needed weight on  and her sores were healing up, she was doing well

4 Paws rottie rescue adopted her as our own mascot , but Solo got very sick and she fell a sleep for the last time in Hughys arms on 12th November 2010

we still miss her to this day