4- Paws Rottweiler Rescue


We are five like minded people that came together through our love of Rottweilers.

And after spending some years helping another rescue we decided to take things one step further and hence 4 - Paws Rottweiler rescue was born.

Our aims are to rescue and re-home Rottweilers who for no fault of their own have found themselves needing a new forever home and to assist in the education of prospective owners the needs and requirements that this breed deserves.


Why Rescue from us


We are a small group of people who have come toget

her to rescue Rottweilers as we genuinely care for this magnificent breed.
4 Paws Rottweiler Rescue, unlike other animal shelters, doesn’t have a central location where dogs are kennelled for the public to come and view. Instead we have a small group of dedicated Rottweiler lovers who foster the dog

s in their homes and treat them as one of the family. So meeting the dogs is done within the home environment thus creating a more realistic evaluation of the dog’s behavior.
When a dog is brought to us for re-homing he/she is placed into a foster home for evaluation. The foster carer provides health care, correct feeding to build up or reduce body weight,
socialisation, basic training and most importantly, we think, love and attention while we search for the right permanent home. Any health problem that should become apparent during foster care is treated.
As the dog is evaluated within the home environment, the foster family can tell you a lot about the dog's behaviour and habits. They know for example if he/she is housetrained, if he/she likes children, if he/she gets along with other dogs or other domestic animals, any food intolerances etc. In exceptional circumstances, for example the dog is known to us already then we get the owner to evaluate the dog and then the dog can be rehomed straight away.
We do not sell the dogs we take in but we do ask for a donation so that we can help more dogs who are in need of our care.
We do not rehome to people requiring guard dogs or to families with children under 5 years old.
Please do not be put off adopting a Rottweiler by the bad press which, every now and again, rears its ugly head to smear the good name of the breed. Most Rottweilers with the correct handling and socialisation make excellent family pets